NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers Connect Fans to the Game with Haivision’s IPTV Video System


The Steelers’ stadium is equipped with 129 luxury boxes and offers fans a rich entertainment experience, with unique content only available inside the stadium, throughout game days with Haivision’s HD streaming solution, in each suite.

In order to enhance the luxury suite experience, the Steelers decided to look for a fan-friendly and robust way to deliver premium video content to these suites, replacing their existing and dated touchscreen system. The task would be to engage fans and immerse them into the action of the field as it is happening, while providing them with premium content and archival footage, all using the same system. Furthermore, the system would have to be able to handle multiple feeds flawlessly.

“It functions much like digital cable, so it’s a convenience to the fans.
Using a remote, fans can access this on-demand content at any time during the game.”

Scott PhelpsTechnology Coordinator for the Steelers

Encrypted premium content

Haivision’s Furnace IP video system was installed to replace the suites’ existing touchscreen system. With HD H.264 Makito encoders, the Steelers are able to distribute encrypted premium content to the 129 luxury suites from one central location.

Live HD video with low latency

Live HD video is delivered with extremely low latency to all screens, where Haivision set-top boxes are installed. On-demand content can be accessed individually at each screen at anytime.

Diagram Steelers


Closeup field views

Steelers fans instantly took a liking to the new luxury found in their suites with closeup field camera views of the game, that they could never get at home, with no latency, in HD, perfectly synched with the action out on the field.

90,000 viewers

Archived content and footage from previous games can be accessed at anytime further immersing fans. Replays can be viewed within minutes after they happen, allowing fans to relive the enjoyment of an exciting play or event. Since all screens are controlled through Furnace, one main hub is used for content feeds and replay/archive availability, allowing for full control with little technical management.

About Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most successful NFL franchises, the Pittsburgh Steelers football team plays at Heinz Field in front of more than 65,000 fans.