Haivision Makito HD Encoders Power Live Video Distribution Throughout Marlins Park.


The Marlins were looking for a video solution that would bring the fan experience to an entirely new level.

From concession stands to private boxes to restaurants, the Miami Marlins wanted fans to stay in touch with the action on the field, in real-time. They wanted to provide instant replays and live video without any latency.

They needed a flexible solution that could deliver live video to fans throughout the stadium so they have confidence to leave their seats and explore the ballpark without missing any crucial moments of the game.

“The Makito’s low latency features and superior audio and video content delivery were key in making them the perfect encoding choice for us. Marlins Park is now capable of delivering video over IP, successfully creating the ultimate experience for our fans.”

Claude DelormeExecutive Vide President, Operations and Events - Marlins Park

Low latency and HD quality

The Miami Marlins selected Haivision’s high-performance, HD Makito encoding platform for its low latency and high definition quality. The Marlins deployed 10 Makito encoders so that fans could remain engaged in the game, no matter where they are in the ballpark.

Live feed to 700 screens

Each Makito encoder streams a live video feed directly from the field to the fans throughout Marlins Park on more than 700 flat-panel screens in private suites, concourses, clubs and on-site retail shops.

Solution components

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Dynamic audio and video

The Miami Marlins can now show live video from several angles on the field, video from other games in progress, or any other type of dynamic audio and video content to entertain the crowd.

Instant live actions viewing

With an incredibly low encoding latency, highly efficient H.264 compression, and 1080p60 video quality, Makito encoders have proven to be ideal for IPTV and HD signage deployments demanding instant live action viewing.

About Marlins Park

Marlins Park is a state-of-the-art ballpark that entertains more than 37,000 fans every game. The venue is considered innovative in several aspects of design, architecture, sustainability, and technology.