Hearst Corporation Brings Live HD Broadcast to Employees with Haivision’s Makito and Furnace IP Video System.


Local and national broadcasts produced by Hearst Corporation are a large part of the many types of media in which Hearst operates. In order to provide employees with Hearst broadcasts, these channels must be streamed, in HD, to every employee desktop.

For visitors and guests in common areas, broadcast streams must be made available on screens to promote Hearst content. At the same time, Hearst needed to find a solution to record their analysts on live TV to be used for the production of promo videos in the future.

Live and on-demand HD content

To allow access to the broadcast channels, Hearst was able to harness the power of its present network using Haivision’s Furnace.

With the Furnace, and its unique InStream player, all employees have access to live and on-demand HD content.

Minimal IT involvement

With nothing to install on any desktop, IT involvement is minimal.

The Furnace is also used to record broadcasts which are edited and made available to viewers on-demand or incorporated into channel playouts.

Solution components

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Access live content online

Writers, editors, and producers now have access to important internal and external broadcasts directly on their desktops in full high definition.

Even reporters who show up with their own computer can connect to the network and immediately access live content without installing any software.

Multiple channels simultaneously

InStream also allows the viewing of multiple HD channels simultaneously.

For public areas within the Hearst complex, Haivision set-top boxes provide centrally controlled HD video delivery to over 40 displays.

About Hearst Corporation

Hearst Corporation is one of America’s largest diversified media and information companies. Owning 39 TV broadcast stations, 10 of which are located in New York City, where their headquarters Hearst Tower is located.