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Growth Leads to Complexity

Founded in 1992, the Global Leadership Network hosts the largest leadership event in the world – The Global Leadership Summit – focused on inspiring and providing leadership training around the world. What started out as an in-person local conference, grew rapidly with the introduction of satellite broadcasts to more than 500 remote sites today across North America. While this expansion brings the opportunity for the Summit to grow its audience ever further, it brings with it more complexity, higher satellite costs and the need for a back-up to ensure a high quality viewing experience – a lesson learned the hard way when thunderstorms knocked out satellite connections during the critical closing session of the Summit in the early 2000s. This event turned out to be a catalyst to seek out a back-up solution that could leverage the internet.

“Haivision is a true partner, that’s what we really appreciate. Our relationship goes beyond simply that of a traditional vendor and customer, it’s really about doing something together. Working with Haivision, we feel listened to, we feel cared for and we are provided with excellent quality products and services. They offer the complete package.”

Shana CaseBroadcast Director - The Global Leadership Network


Providing Peace of Mind

With 4 KB encoders on-site, the Summit production team provides Haivision with a direct feed for the Eastern and Central US time zones as well as a delayed feed for the Mountain and Pacific time zones. During the two day event, Haivision encoders stream to the various host sites as both a primary and back-up to satellite feeds. To support Hawaii and Alaska time zones, Haivision also manages on-demand video capture and distribution using a cloud-based service, Haivision Video Cloud, allowing Summit production staff to focus on content creation.

Preparation: The Key to Success

Leading up to the event, Haivision works diligently with all the host sites, providing them with a list of minimum specifications and links to the Haivision Video Cloud. Three months prior to the event, host sites are encouraged to perform testing during specific testing dates to ensure that video and audio streams can be received and that equipment is functioning correctly. Whether its prior to or during the Summit, Haivision’s support team in Austin, Texas is on hand at every step of the way to troubleshoot and resolve any issues.


Enabling Greater Access

Originally the primary driver and benefit of Haivision’s live streaming solution is to ensure that the Summit is delivering the best possible experience to its viewers. Providing the Summit with redundancy and the peace of mind that having a back-up solution offers is a priority but the benefits of live video streaming over the internet have grown into so much more. As a reliable, cost-efficient alternative to satellite, live streaming video is the backup for every site and in some cases the primary feed. By leveraging the internet, the Summit has been able to extend its reach even further, enabling more people than ever to access this valuable resource and removing the barriers of geography.

As of 2019 there are several ways to view the Summit via its broadcast which include; prisons, private view sites (organizations which sign up for their employees to watch), Premier Host Sites (locations around the US & Canada) which are open to registrations and new streaming options this year designed for people who are unable to attend one of the Premier Host Site locations. Teams can now watch the entire event from the comfort of their own setting.

“It provides greater access to viewers regardless of their location – geography is no longer a limitation.”

Shana CaseBroadcast Director - The Global Leadership Network

About the Global Leadership Summit

The Global Leadership Summit is a two-day, world-class experience held in South Barrington, Illinois and is broadcast every August, LIVE in HD to more than 500 locations across North America. In the months that follow, the Summit takes place at an additional 900+ sites in 135 countries. Focused on equipping, encouraging, inspiring and developing leaders wherever they are, in 2018 the Summit reached more than 400,000 leaders around the globe.