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Church of the Highlands Extends Ministry Culture Across Campuses with DVR Video and Multi-Site Monitoring.


Since it was founded in 2001, Church of the Highlands has been growing rapidly. As new campuses opened, the church needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to ensure that they could share their central message each week. They began to leverage Haivision’s video streaming technology to reach their satellite campuses.

As the church continued to grow, so did their use of video streaming for their online ministry and connecting remote campuses. The rapid growth in the number of locations made it more challenging to provide effective support to individual campuses.

“Haivision’s DVR solution gives us an easy and cost effective way to share our message, and engage and connect with members in all of our remote campuses.”

Justin FiresheetsProduction Manager - Church of the Highlands

Live and time-shifted HD video

Church of the Highlands found a solution with Haivision’s bandwidth efficient Connect DVR service. By using low cost internet connections, the church can now send live and time-shifted HD video from the main campus to all of its nine remote campuses.

Watch from anywhere

With immediate playback capability, each location has the ability to integrate the video message and music from the main campus into their own services. The video stream also feeds into the online campus website and mobile apps for iPhone and Android, ensuring the community can watch from anywhere.

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Members feel more connected

Using Haivision Connect DVR, Church of the Highlands’ members feel more connected and engaged with the main message and experience from Grants Mill. They also benefit from the intimacy of interacting with their local church communities.

Flexibility and customization for different locations

Each location has the flexibility to keep their own pace and play the main campus message at the appropriate time during their service. The service is tailored and customized for each of the 10 locations, helping to bring the community together with unique experiences, under one message.

Church of the Highlands

Church of the Highlands inspires more than 25,000 members every Sunday with contemporary, biblically-driven worship services that are alive with energy and creativity.