Church of the Highlands Extends Ministry Culture Across Campuses with DVR Video and Multi-Campus Coaching.


Since it was founded in 2001, Church of the Highlands has been growing rapidly. As new campuses opened, the church needed a reliable and cost-effective solution to ensure that they could share their central message each week. They began to leverage Haivision’s video streaming technology to reach their satellite campuses.

As the church continued to grow, so did their use of video streaming for their online ministry and connecting remote campuses. The rapid growth in the number of locations made it more challenging to provide effective support to individual campuses.

Haivision has been a fantastic partner. They work with us to resolve any issues and provide us with a great support team. We consider them a partner in ministry and they believe in and support the vision we have as an organization.

Justin Firesheets, Production Director – Church of the Highlands

“We’ve developed a strong symbiotic relationship with Haivision. Their development team has been open to our feedback and we’ve leaned on their support team to help us through seasons of growth.”

Justin Firesheets, Production Director – Church of the Highlands


Church of the Highlands has been successfully using Haivision’s bandwidth efficient Haivision Connect DVR service for 8 years. Using low cost internet connections, the church can send live and time-shifted HD video from the main campus to all of its remote campuses. With the recent addition of Haivision’s Multi-Campus Coaching service, the church now has the ability to securely observe and assess the impact of its worship services and message delivery in real-time as well as offer feedback to campus teams on areas of improvement.


Using Haivision Connect DVR and Multi-Campus Coaching services together, Church of the Highlands is helping its members feel more connected and engaged than ever. Multi-Campus Coaching is helping the church to better support, coach and develop their people across all of its campuses. The church can provide coaching for campus pastors as they get stage experience, monitor the impact of worship and offer training and evaluation for serving ministry school students. If a campus is experiencing issues, they can be monitored in real-time and given feedback on how to work through the problem.

As campus teams meet, they’re able to monitor and review services and discuss amongst themselves how to improve. They can also exchange feedback with other campuses, allowing for a more peer-driven, collaborative approach instead of the central team driving the process from a distance.

Church of the Highlands

Church of the Highlands inspires more than 50,000 members every Sunday with contemporary, biblically-driven worship services that are alive with energy and creativity. Over the last 18 years, Church of the Highlands has expanded its ministry from the main campus in Birmingham, Alabama, to an additional 18 remote campuses throughout the state as well as an actively engaged online ministry.