Catamaran $20B Pharmaceutical Company Improves Internal Communications with IPTV and Digital Signage.


To support their rapid growth, Catamaran commissioned new facilities for their corporate headquarters in Chicago.

Working closely with leading AV systems integrator AVI-SPL and understanding the important role that digital media plays in the workplace, they set out to create a corporate broadcast IPTV and digital signage network within their headquarters. AVI-SPL turned to Haivision’s video distribution and digital signage solutions.

“CoolSign’s user interface allows Catamaran to quickly and easily manage signage across their facility to more than 100 screens. It’s optimized for corporate environments and broad scale distribution.”

Doug GoczkowskiProject Specialist - ASVI-SPL

Channels captured and distributed

Using Haivision’s Makito video encoders, news and entertainment broadcast channels are captured from cable receivers and distributed live throughout the facility with the Furnace IPTV system to set-top boxes on more than 100 displays.

Throughout the office

Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage system integrates the Furnace IPTV streams with internal messaging content and displays it throughout the offices to CoolSign Display Engine signage players.

Solution components

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Live and on-demand video

With Haivision, Catamaran can easily send live and on-demand video and signage content across their facilities without straining the network. Using secure live multicast distribution, Haivision solutions ensure a stable, high-quality viewing experience throughout Catamaran’s headquarters.

Engage and inform employees

Catamaran can now use digital signage across their organization to engage and inform employees with corporate messaging throughout lobbies, conference rooms, public areas and offices.

About Catamaran

Catamaran (NASDAQ: CTRX) is the industry’s fastest-growing pharmacy benefits manager, helping organizations and the communities they serve take control of prescription drug costs. Catamaran solutions improve patient care and empower individuals to take charge of their health. Earning more than $20 billion in annual revenue, Catamaran employs a workforce of more than 5,000 people.