Canada’s National Ballet School & Global Campus Network Stream Real-Time Video with Haivision.


Tasked at coordinating the technology for the dance festival, the Global Campus Network needed to broadcast live performances from the Dutch National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam to a stage in Toronto, where dancers could perform with their virtual counterparts in real-time.

Near-zero Latency

This video stream would not only have to be live, but have near-zero latency so that the dancers in both locations can perform in perfect synchronization. The Global Campus Network was also looking to bring the whole performance online, with a live stream to audiences around the world on any connected device.

“Haivision’s video streaming technology is helping us realize the goal of bringing our dancers closer, both on the stage and online.”

Shaun Amyto Stream Choreographer - Canada’s National Ballet School


Ultra Low Latency

To make the Assemblée Internationale performance a reality, the Global Campus Network chose Haivision for its reliable, ultra low latency and high quality solutions.

Using Haivision’s high performance, low-latency video encoders, designed for interactive communications, they could stream performances from Amsterdam to Toronto in real-time.

Synchronized Performance

Haivision’s KB internet encoder/transcoder was selected to bring the final synchronized performance to an online audience on desktops, laptops, set-top boxes, and mobile devices anywhere.

Diagram CNBS


High Quality Synchronized Video

Thanks to Haivision, Canada’s NBS and the Global Campus Network are able to successfully produce the synchronization and high quality video needed to have dancers perform together flawlessly while located in two cities overseas.

Growing Audience Globally

The experience gave students the opportunity to network with their peers and art directors from various dance schools while growing their audience globally with a high quality internet viewing experience.

Canada’s National Ballet School

The Assemblée Internationale (AI 13) is the annual international dance festival hosted by Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) with the goal of bringing together students from the world’s finest dance schools. Students from organizations like The Juilliard School, Cuba’s National Ballet School and the Paris Opera Ballet School, come to AI 13 to collaborate and take part in intensive classes, performances, forums, and professional development. The festival includes performances that explore the use of new technologies in dance and incorporate real-time video streaming by synchronizing live virtual dance performances in both Amsterdam and Toronto. The events need to be broadcasted to a global audience online to reach students, staff and family that could not attend the festival.