Brigham & Women’s Hospital chooses Haivision’s secure furnace IP video distribution system to help advance medical education.


Brigham and Women’s Hospital was seeking a way to better connect surgical simulation labs to work stations outside the lab and hospital facility.

The hospital was looking for a way for surgeons outside the lab to be able to view procedures in real-time, as part of ongoing medical education and case review.

This would allow for easier scheduling of procedures and connecting top surgeons with students in a way that eases the workflow of medical information between the two, further enhancing the Harvard Medical School’s effectiveness.

“The system has given our users the video access they need to help educate healthcare providers.”

Steve PooleIT/AV Manager - Brigham and Women's Hospital

Multiple HD video sources

In the lab, several HD video sources are routed to multiple displays showing images from room cameras, endoscopic cameras and patient vital signs.

These images are routed to a Makito HD H.264 encoder and distributed and recorded by the secure Furnace IP video system, which was seamlessly integrated into the lab’s video routing system.

Live remote viewing

For live remote viewing, a Stingray set-top box is placed in conference rooms where it decodes the HD stream from the Makito.

The InStream player allows live video or VOD review on any desktop, laptop, or mobile viewing device.

diagram Brigham


Secure remote surgical procedures

Clinicians can now securely view simulated surgical procedures and clinical workflows in HD from multiple locations on various mobile devices. Surgical residents benefit by watching other students remotely and by reviewing recorded cases, increasing teaching efficiency.

The Furnace system is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, with encrypted streams providing Brigham and Women’s Hospital the highest possible security and allowing only authenticated users to access the information.

From anywhere to everywhere

MediLive often manages up to 25 sources simultaneously. Since Haivision’s SRT protocol is firewall friendly, it can easily stream multiple sources from any hospital directly to medical conferences, over any network.

Additionally, with the Makito X’s TalkBack feature, doctors from remote conferences can easily engage in direct conversations with surgeons. MediLive no longer has to rely on the telephone for low latency communication.

About Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Located in Boston, Brigham and Women’s Hospital is a teaching institution that is part of Harvard Medical School. Brigham and Women’s Hospital is world-renowned for its expertise in adult medicine and is a leader in the development of state-of-the-art treatments and technologies.