BP Uses Haivision to Deliver Live HD Video to Desktops and Displays on the Trading Floor.


BP’s trading floor is an extremely fast-paced environment. Traders continuously monitor market information and global news events. They have to be ready to make sound business decisions quickly. BP wanted to give traders access to real-time data on multiple devices – via LCD displays, with an additional option to view the data directly from their personal PCs.

The challenge lied in the synchronization of network delivery of both audio and HD video from multiple sources to multiple displays, while using minimal bandwidth on the facility’s network infrastructure.

“It’s something that our users enjoy, and it’s an added benefit that beforehand, we weren’t able to provide.”

Philip R.WhitleyIT&S Project Manager - BP

Video over IP System for multi-site

BP built a mock-up lab to test the technology before its mass implementation. Haivision was selected amongst some of the industry’s biggest AV players, featuring the Mako and Makito HD H.264 encoder technology, the Furnace IPTV media system, 80 Haivision set-top boxes, and InStream player technology for over 1,000 desktops.

Bi-directional communication

InStream’s biggest advantage is the bi-directional communication between the server and the viewer, enabling perfect synchronization between devices.

Solution components

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Easy-to-deploy technology

Haivision presented a comprehensive and integrated video over IP system by meeting BP’s rigorous challenges: multi-modal video, ease of use, easy-to-deploy technology with minimal IT maintenance. Most of the daily management of the system is automated, facilitating day-to-day operations.

Very flexible and scalable

BP traders are now able to watch HD video from multiple devices, at any point in the building. As BP looks to expand their trading facilities, the Haivision system has proven to be very flexible and future-proof in terms of growth capacity.

About British Petroleum

BP is one of the world’s largest energy companies, providing its customers with fuel, energy, and petrochemicals for everyday items and retail services. The company boasts five trading floors in Houston, Chicago, Alberta, London, and Aberdeen, Scotland. Trading is fast paced, and BP traders rely on up-to-the-minute information and the most efficient use of technology to drive their decision-making and trading activities.