Haivision and Bexel Bring Cost Effective and Efficient Solutions to FOX Sports 1.


Bexel, the worldwide provider of broadcast services, provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to broadcasters and producers of the biggest and most important televised events in the world.

With the goal of enhancing FOX Sports 1 channel with more live coverage of sports events around the world, Bexel created 16 self-contained, crewless home studios for the network’s remotely-based top talent. Bexel and Haivision worked together to provide a more nimble way to get remote talent on-air, in no time.

“Haivision and Bexel bring cost effective and efficient solutions to broadcasters, helping them gather interview content quickly and more flexibly than typical satellite options.”

John MillsBusiness Development Manager - Bexel

No more satellite

Bexel’s crewless home studios, “analyst kits,” are permanently installed in the commentators’ homes and connected to a private IP network, removing the need for satellite transmission.

Bi-directional stream

The Bexel studio units feature Haivision’s HD encoders, making it possible for FOX Sports 1 to bi-directionally stream low latency video over a private network from the remote commentator to the studio during a broadcast.

Solution components

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On air from their home

Whenever relevant sports news or an event takes place that calls for their expertise and analysis, the commentators can go on air immediately from the comfort of their own home, without driving to the nearest local studio or having the network send over a satellite truck.

Extremely low latency

The Haivision encoders deliver extremely low end-to-end latency and make it possible to conduct flawless interviews between the remote commentator and the studio.

About Bexel

Bexel, the worldwide provider of broadcast services, provides brilliantly designed and flawlessly executed systems and solutions to broadcasters and producers of the biggest and most important televised events in the world.

About FOX Sports 1

FOX Sports 1 is America’s fastest growing national multi-sport channel that boasts nearly 5,000 hours of live event, news and original programming annually.