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An increasing number of casinos are taking their games online to meet the growing demands of online audiences. The live streams of the casino games need to be at the lowest latency so that online players have the same experience as players in the casino.

As a pioneer in the live casino market, Authentic Gaming needed a streaming solution to extend the reach of casino-based gaming to a virtually unlimited number of players. And, having the lowest latency stream is critical, as big delays could result in fraud and reduce gamers desire to play.

“With live gaming, it is critical to have the lowest latency stream possible. Haivision’s KB Mini keeps us at the cutting edge of the industry.”

Timothy Bartolo ParnisChief Operations Officer - Authentic Gaming

Unmatched streaming

Authentic Gaming evaluated Haivision’s KB Mini encoder and found it superior to the competing streaming encoders in ease of use, stability and form factor. Most importantly, the KB Mini provides less latency compared with other encoders, essential to delivering high quality, live games to players online.

Delivery of the gaming experience

Using KB Mini encoders placed in a number of casinos, Authentic Gaming can easily send the live streams to a CDN and publish to players on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

Small form factor

In addition, the KB Mini’s small compact size enables Authentic Gaming to place the encoders at the live tables on the Casino floor and with the KB’s user-friendly UI, they can easily monitor and control them remotely.

Solution components

KB Mini

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Great streaming experiences

Streaming more than 10 live tables from traditional casino venues, Haivision’s KB Mini encoders were ideal for their low latency and were within budget. They allowed Autehntic Gaming to minimize any delays, ensuring players receive the same experience at home and also protect against fraud.

With Haivision’s streaming solution, Authentic Gaming can ensure that thousands of players are receiving a real, live experience everyday, from anywhere. The streams ensure gamers are as close as possible to the croupiers, making sure the online player can easily place a bet against the stream.

Scalable Streaming Solutions

Authentic Gaming works hand in hand with casinos and Haivision to deliver authentic experiences to online players and encourage them to continue placing bets from the comfort of their home.

Following the success of these partnerships, Authentic Gaming plans to expand the streaming solution, adding more locations and KB encoders to traditional casino venues and online operators in the future.

About Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is a supplier of live casino solutions to land-based and online operators, streaming games in real-time, around the world. Everyday, thousands of online players are able to join live roulette tables broadcasted from the floors of luxurious resort and casinos.