Kraken CR

Compact, rugged HEVC encoder/transcoder


The Kraken CR is a compact, rugged, all-in-one full motion video (FMV) encoder/transcoder. Designed for on the move bandwidth constrained ISR applications with size and weight limitations.

The Kraken CR leverages next generation encoding/transcoding to get the highest picture quality from available bandwidth for low latency situational awareness and C4ISR video.

Adaptable Workflow

Versatile encoder/transcoder
where the application requires flexibility

Designed to work in almost any video workflows, the Kraken CR can ingest video regardless of platform or format while maintaining metadata.

Helping with beyond line of sight applications where bandwidth is especially constrained, the Kraken CR can encode/transcode video with HEVC (and H.264) compression for further reductions in bitrates while maintaining image quality.


Over constrained networks

With Kraken CR HEVC encoding/transcoding, bandwidth is reduced by up to 50% over traditional H.264 solutions when transporting live video over constrained networks.

HEVC streams can be played back directly on standards compliant players and decoders for monitoring or analysis purposes.

Additionally, once the stream reaches its destination, a Haivision transcoder can be used to convert the stream from HEVC to H.264 for compatibility within existing distribution infrastructures.


STANAG & MISP Compliant

In the world of ISR, systems are designed to collect, process, and disseminate information. Many FMV applications bundle additional information with video streams in the form of metadata, typically in STANAG and MISP compliant Key-Length-Value (KLV) format.

The Kraken CR is specifically optimized for the task of disseminating information in a format required by downstream networks, exploitation systems, and viewers, with the lowest possible delay, while preserving and enhancing metadata with frame accurate synchronization.

Kraken CR Datasheet

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