Haivision Makito X1 Rugged Video Encoder Datasheet

Small Form Factor ISR Video Encoding

The Makito X1 Rugged is a small form factor, ultra low latency, H.264 and HEVC video encoder for real-time streaming of MISB/JITC-compliant full-motion video. It meets the most stringent requirements for deployment on wearable equipment or small platforms.


In this datasheet, learn how the Makito X1 Rugged combines:

  • Small Form Factor: The Makito X1 Rugged is roughly the size of a deck of cards
  • Interoperability: Compliant with KLV and CoT metadata standards
  • Adaptable and Future-Proof: Dual encoding cores offer flexible video from SD to HD
  • Powerful Performance: Designed to deliver high quality, real-time video streaming in the most demanding environments