Makito X4 Video Encoder

4K & HD, Ultra Low Latency and Broadcast Quality

Haivision’s Makito X4 is a highly versatile 4K UHD and HD video encoder for low latency, broadcast quality streaming.

In this datasheet covering our latest generation of low latency video encoders and decoders, learn how the Makito X4 supports:

  • 4K UHD video: HEVC/H.265 and H.264/AVC video encoding with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling, 10-bit color, and HDR
  • Quad-channel HD: Up to 4 HD 1080p60 inputs over SDI or SMPTE ST 2110 for synchronized multicamera productions
  • High density: Up to 84 HD over SDI inputs (or 21 4K/UHD inputs) in a single 4RU chassis
  • Ultra low latency: Enabling interactivity for live bi-directional interviews and field contribution
  • Secure, encrypted video: Protect valuable video content with SRT and AES-128/256 encryption
  • SRT protocol for reliable streaming: Deliver live streams without packet loss over IP networks including the internet

Also learn about the Makito X4 Rugged, Makito X1 Rugged, and the Makito X4 Decoder by downloading this datasheet.