Live Webinar

Video Wall Myths: Debunked

Thursday, July 25
11:00 am EST | 5:00 pm CEST

    Uncover the Truth Behind Video Wall Solutions in Operation Centers

    Learn from Haivision video wall experts Aaron Leiker and Kumar Sreekanth as they delve into the common misconceptions surrounding video walls and operation centers.


    Whether you’re in security monitoring, network operations, or improving your situational awareness with a real-time crime center, this webinar will help you understand the real capabilities of video walls.


    Aaron Leiker, VP of Operation Centers

    Aaron Leiker
    Vice President of Operation Centers

    Kumar Sreekanth, Solutions Architect, Sales International

    Kumar Sreekanth
    Solutions Architect, Sales International


    Kalli Ringelberg, Marketing Manager, Operation Centers

    Kalli Ringelberg
    Marketing Manager, Operation Centers

    Find out the truth:

    • When it comes to video wall systems for operation centers, does one size fit all types of applications?
    • Are video walls so highly technical that only your IT team can help with implementation and running an operation center?
    • LED screens look great, but are they better than LCD displays for your video wall?

    And much more…


    Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding and improve your operation center’s efficiency.