Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2020

The State of IP and Cloud Adoption in the Broadcast Industry

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We recently polled broadcast professionals around the world to gain a better understanding of the biggest challenges they currently face, what technologies they presently have at their disposal, and what their IP and cloud strategies are for the future.

The survey findings reveal some surprising trends and insights.

Nearly 40% of broadcasters surveyed are not currently using any IP technologies in their facilities.

When it comes to IP and cloud adoption, are you on track or lagging behind your peers? See how your organization stacks up by downloading the Haivision Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2020 and learn more about:

  • The top challenges broadcasters are facing
  • Their plans to migrate to IP and cloud-enabled workflows
  • The most widely used transport protocols, codecs, and digital audio formats
  • The next big technologies to impact broadcasters

Get the full report to understand how the broadcast industry is evolving and what you need to know to stay ahead in 2020.