How Analytics Help Your Online Ministry

Using Analytics to Measure Your Online Ministry’s Engagement and Expand Your Outreach

With more ministries than ever sharing their services online, many are looking for a way to measure the success of these services. Analytics is one of the best ways to do this online.

Some ministries may be tempted to believe that they aren’t “big enough” to be using analytics, but that is simply not true. Understanding who your congregation is, and the impact that your services have, is an important part of connecting with people, and growing your ministry.

Ministries, both large and small, measure the impact of their services in a variety of ways, both in-person and online.

Receiving feedback in physical services is pretty straightforward. You can count the number of people who attend your weekly services and see in the congregation who is returning. You can hear comments after the service from attendees, and your minister will see how many faces are interested and engaged during their sermon.

You might not be able to see or hear your attendees during your online services, but online analytics will allow your ministry to understand and connect with your congregation in other meaningful ways.

What Can Your Ministry Learn from Online Analytics?

There are different analytics tools available for online ministries, and they can range from basic social media engagement, to more detailed website analytics, to insights from your online video platform.

Analytics tools can help you to learn about your congregation and how they interact with your online content including information such as:

  • Location
  • Demographic information
  • Preferred viewing device (mobile, desktop, TV app)
  • Preferred viewing platform (website, social media, apps)
  • Preferred viewing times

You can also use analytics tools to better understand what kind of content your congregation likes, such as live, or on-demand. You can further measure the popularity of different services and sermon topics by comparing viewing numbers for different services, and, with some tools, keep an eye on how long your online viewers are watching.

How Can Analytics Help Your Online Ministry?

Seeing this information is only the first step in using analytics. The next step is to find out how this information can help your team to shape your worship experience and better connect with your online congregation.

For example, knowing popular viewing times for your services can not only help you to adjust your schedule to reach the most amount of people, but it can also help inform when you should have an online pastor available to communicate with your online congregation. Knowing who your audience is, and their interests, can help you to plan sermon topics that are relevant to the challenges they may be facing.

Knowing how your audience is watching can also help you to ensure that you’re preparing your content for them in an accessible manner. For example, if you know that a large segment of your audience is watching on mobile, make sure that your visuals – especially text – is easily visible on a smaller screen.

Online analytics can also help you prepare for offline growth. If, for example, you notice that many of your online attendees are from the same area, you might consider opening a satellite campus closer to them, so that they can connect with your ministry in person.

Using this information and incorporating it into your ministry’s planning will not only help you determine how to better allocate your resources, but it can help give you a foundation upon which you can build your ministry’s future growth.

Getting Started

Are you ready to learn more about your congregation and how you can better serve them? Sending surveys to your congregation is one way to learn, or you can try to compile different parts of data from social media, but both of these options tend to give an incomplete picture. But by using a faith streaming solution with built-in analytics, you can get a true, honest look at how your online services are reaching your community.

Haivision’s solutions for ministry feature powerful analytics tools to help you understand, and better connect with your congregation. Learn more about Haivision’s solutions for online ministry, and how they can help your ministry to grow.

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