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How this Florida Ministry Receives Half a Million Views for their Events

Online and multi-site houses of worship take on a very particular challenge. They are tasked with connecting in a close, spiritual way, with individuals who are physically far away. Their purpose is to create communities of believers from around the world, brought together by their faith.

It is not an easy task, but developments in technology continue to foster the growth of these global communities, like El Rey Jesus, (King Jesus Ministries,) located in Miami, Florida. It started as a small ministry in the home of Apostle Guillermo Maldonado and his wife Ana Maldonado in 1996 and has since grown into a worldwide community. Each week, services held by El Rey Jesus attract between 15,000 and 20,000 attendees.


Apostle Maldonado and the team of El Rey Jesus have two main challenges when it comes to streaming their services

The first challenge faced by the El Rey Jesus team on a daily basis is their ability to measure the engagement of their congregation in a meaningful way. When you are preaching to a room, a good pastor can quickly evaluate the engagement of the crowd by looking at it – this is not easily done when your ministry is spread out into different campuses, and people are streaming from their homes. You want to make sure that your strategies for keeping your congregation engaged in the community are effective. But how do you analyze engagement?

The second challenge comes from the Conferencia Apostólica y Profética (CAP,) El Rey Jesus’ annual conference in Miami. The sheer scale of the conference creates obstacles for the team. Around 17,000 people physically attend the event, held in the American Airlines Arena, (the home of the Miami Heat.)

There is also a significant number of people who virtually attend the event. This year’s CAP was live streamed to 140 countries, in 10 different languages. Setting up these streams is a massive undertaking for the El Rey Jesus team, and a critical one for the success of the event.

Partnership and Haivision Video Cloud

Four years ago, El Rey Jesus partnered with Haivision. Since then, the team has implemented various KB Series video encoders for both their regular services and their CAP event. El Rey Jesus has also made use of the Haivision Video Cloud, benefiting from its in-depth analytics and easy to use publishing workflows.

At this year’s CAP, the team at El Rey Jesus installed five KB series four-channel encoders in their production truck and connected them to two separate 200Mbps ISP connections. The multi-channel configurations allowed engineers to stream to both primary and backup content delivery network entry points on Akamai guaranteeing true redundant backups and 99.999% uptime of the streams.

Building on Success with Video Analytics

For their weekly services, El Rey Jesus has employed the real-time analytics available with the Haivision Video Cloud. Marketing minister Andres Brizuela has been pleased with his team’s ability to use these real-time analytics to confirm that their online ads are effective and that they are creating real engagement with their online audience. Brizuela has commented that his team has “seen tremendous growth since partnering with the Haivision Video Cloud team.”

This measurement has also helped improve the atmosphere at El Rey Jesus’ main campus in Miami. Higher engagement online and at satellite campuses is directly correlated to higher attendance at physical services. Furthermore, with Haivision Video Cloud’s granular statistics, the ministry’s team has been able to identify where they receive the majority of their views, and have targeted their online advertisements accordingly.

The El Rey Jesus team also saw remarkable success with this year’s CAP event – after consulting their analytics, the team saw that the event received over 500,000 live stream plays to 215,000 unique viewers. El Rey Jesus was also able to benefit from Haivision Video Cloud’s features and upload the videos from each day, allowing their audience who, in different time zones, may have missed the live stream, to catch up on the conference from around the globe, on demand.

Developing Your House of Worship

Using analytics has helped El Rey Jesus to track what keeps their congregation engaged, and how to best spread their message. These same analytics can help you to grow your house of worship, and create more followers. However, where do you start? How do you know which numbers are helpful in developing your house of worship? Our webinar, “Using Video Analytics to Grow Your Ministry,” can help to walk you through.

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