5 Reasons to Choose Haivision Connect for Livestreaming your Church Services

5 Reasons to Choose Haivision Connect for Livestreaming your Church Services

Livestreaming for churches is changing the way congregations practice their faith. As houses of worship adapt to an online world, more and more are turning to livestreaming to inspire and engage a wider audience, make their services more accessible, and strengthen and grow their community. Haivision Connect is a brand-new cloud-based platform that allows churches to easily keep their members connected, no matter where they are.

Here are 5 reasons to choose Haivision Connect.

#1 It’s Really Easy to Use

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you don’t have to be a technical expert to use Haivision Connect. Anyone can schedule a stream quickly and easily with minimal training, even volunteers. The intuitive design means that from a single screen, users follow simple step-by-step directions to get up and running in minutes with very few clicks. Watch how easy it is to quickstart a stream here.

#2 Reach Your Audiences on the Platforms They Love

Streaming to multiple platforms at the same time doesn’t have to be complicated. Haivision Connect’s “connections” enable churches to easily stream to multiple destinations simultaneously. Available connections include Facebook, YouTube, Church Online Platform, custom RTMP, web players, Subsplash, Pushpay, and custom apps. With this flexibility, you can increase your views and connect with your community wherever they are.

#3 Better Understand Your Viewers

With advanced video analytics at your fingertips, discover which streams are really resonating with your audience. Haivision Connect gives you easy access to the metrics that matter most to you, including both real-time and historical insights into audience behaviors. You can track audience participation and learn who’s engaging with your content, how long they’re watching, and where they’re watching. Armed with these valuable insights you can make informed decisions on how to build more engaging experiences for your community.  

#4 Multiply the Results of Your Efforts with Simulated Livestreaming

You spend lots of time and effort creating content. Simulated live broadcasts enable you to repurpose high-quality previously recorded content online. You can use simulated live video to reach new audiences that cannot attend your live events and increase viewership while still being able to engage with your attendees. Haivision Connect’s powerful scheduling engine allows you to schedule multiple simulated-live events months or even over a year in advance, using video assets uploaded from either your device or your media library. 

#5 Technology and Support you Can Rely On

You can stream with confidence knowing that thousands of customers around the world trust and depend on Haivision to power their video. Haivision Connect brings together all the best-in-class components of Haivision video workflows into one experience. From the low-latency SRT protocol to its award-winning Makito video encoders, Haivision has a reputation for innovative, customer-focused technology and a steadfast commitment to high-quality, secure, and reliable video solutions. Designed to meet the unique needs of ministries, Haivision Connect’s all-new cloud platform is backed by dedicated, experienced support experts available 24/7, so you can stream with complete confidence. 

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