Infocomm 2016

Why You Can’t Miss This Year’s InfoComm, and What To Do If You’re Not Going

InfoComm is one of our favorite trade shows. Every year we get to see some amazing enterprise AV technology, hold training sessions for our partners and showcase the latest and greatest that Haivision has to offer. Held at the Las Vegas convention center from June 4-10, this year’s InfoComm (2016) promises to be filled with exciting technology, workshops and, of course, video demos.

We’ve got a few reasons to get you excited about visiting our booth at the show, and a consolation prize if you can’t make it.

1) Integrated enterprise video demo

This year we’re bringing an entirely new demo format to our booth which combines all of our solutions together. We’ll have 1 contribution booth, showing you how we get video into an enterprise, and 2 identical booths showing you how we distribute all of your video content throughout the enterprise. With digital signage, IPTV, live events, video on demand content and more, we’ve got all your screens covered.

2) Meet the experts in video streaming

Infocomm isn’t just a place for shiny new encoders, it’s a great place to meet the team behind all our amazing products. From sales, marketing to engineering and QA, we’ll have people from all our departments at our booth. Come by and chat us up about the latest in video streaming, including HEVC, 4K, firewall traversal, multicast or SRT.

3) True enterprise video multicast

Infocomm will be the first place where we showcase our new multicast enterprise video workflows. We all know that Flash and Windows Media Server are on their way out of the enterprise, but without a clear replacement, multicast EVP’s have been adhering to proprietary technologies and other work arounds (think P2P). We have an high performing, standards-based solution which we can’t wait to demo. With twelve years of multicast and broadcast experience, Haivision is uniquely positioned to deliver a unique enterprise video solution which works on any network topology and offers the highest video quality at the lowest bandwidth requirements.

What if I can’t make it?

Can’t make it to this year’s Infocomm? We have you covered. The week before the show, we’ll host a webinar with our product team to showcase our innovative new multicast solution. This webinar will highlight the different approaches which are being considered to replace end-of-life Flash and Silverlight solutions and how Haivision’s solution is unique in it’s standards-based approach.

If you’ll be at Infocomm, book your demo with us now, because time is always so limited at these shows.

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