5 Reasons to Visit the Haivision Booth at NAB 2017

All right! NAB 2017 is literally* right around the corner, and we’re all packed up and ready to go. We are INCREDIBLY excited to be there this year, because we have so much to show all of you.

We love Vegas, we love NAB, and more than anything else, we love the opportunity to meet with current and potential customers to show you what we’ve been working on over the course of another year.

Here are five reasons to come and see us at NAB 2017, and we think they should be more than enough to convince you to drop by. Check ‘em out!

You’ll learn about inexpensive video transport and distribution options

Chances are pretty good that you’ve got video that needs to get from one network to another. You might even need to deliver it to multiple destinations with different streaming protocols.

Probably you’ll also want to do that quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Well, we’ve got you covered there. Come and see a demo of the Haivision Media Gateway at NAB, and learn about our codec agnostic solution that provides support for any standard MPEG stream. You can bridge between LANs, MPLS, satellite IP, public internet, or mix and match any of the above and get the same result every time.

See the new Makito X HEVC video decoder in action!

Our Makito X series of products is one of the most popular video streaming tools available, and with good reason. This new entry into the series provides end-to-end transport of secure, high-quality, live HEVC/H.265 and AVC/H.264 video over any network, and it does it all at remarkably low bit rates?

Want to reduce your bandwidth needs by up to 50%? Ready to do that and get the same video quality?


I would like to do that, please

Wherever you have bandwidth-constrained backhaul and distribution applications, the new Makito X HEVC decoder will be there to deliver the best possible video quality at all times.

For those looking to upgrade to this HEVC option, we’ll have attractive upgrade programs at NAB. Remember, you get the same H.264 performance with additional HEVC capabilities. Yup. Pretty cool.

See the best in broadcast backhaul

Using the public internet to broadcast from live events, remote correspondents, or even remote production venues is now possible at a lower cost, and with better quality than ever before.

Come see our Makito X line of H.264 ad HEVC encoders and decoders that allow you to aggregate video streams from multiple live correspondents and production facilities to one production location, and make your producer’s life one whole heck of a lot easier. It’s all done with incredibly low latency, and with our SRT protocol, it makes packet loss, jitter, and fluctuating bandwidth a problem of the past.

We’re already working on the next generation of 4K streaming protocols

When we go to places like Vegas, we always take along a few of our incredibly dedicated engineers. We do that for two reasons: First, they could really use some sun. Second, they always have really amazing new developments to show off in our HaiGear Labs demo section at our booth.


Actual HaiGear Labs programmers that will be at our booth.**

This year, they’re going to show you how they’ve developed a live 4Kp60 HEVC software-only performance video streaming protocol, that, until now, has only been possible to do with dedicated hardware.

Here’s the story: There is a real growing demand for 4K video streaming. We’ve been involved in the x265 open source project since the beginning (as you may have heard by now). Because of our really tight technology collaboration with MulticoreWare, our developers have been able to push the boundaries in what’s possible in HEVC software encoding.

The protocol will work on any Intel cloud computer architecture, and is likely to change the way we deliver 4K video in the very near future. This is something you’re definitely going to want to see in action.

Take a break from the convention floor and meet our amazing crew!

We’re located just a few steps from the convention centre in the Renaissance Hotel. You’ll have a chance to get outside for a few minutes and get some much needed sun. Here’s a map.

NAB map

Once there, you’ll get to meet our amazing crew of talented sales engineers who will be able to walk you through our solutions, and show you how we can solve your specific problems. We have several different areas set up to accommodate those of you who want demos on specific products and services, and we’ll be sure to address your needs specifically.

So we’ll see you in Vegas, right? Oh, and if you’re thirsty, maybe drop by around 5pm. You never know what might happen.

*not literally
**HaiGear labs programmers may not be exactly as dreamy as pictured

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