Haivision Media Gateway on Microsoft Azure

Haivision provides enterprise video and streaming solutions that help the world’s leading organizations communicate, collaborate, and educate. Using the Haivision Media Gateway on Microsoft Azure, broadcasters and enterprises can easily and securely transport the highest quality video over the internet and corporate networks for live backhaul and distribution. Visit the Haivision Media Gateway in the Azure Marketplace.

Scale with Hybrid Cloud Video Transport

Enterprise Video Distribution

With Haivision Media Gateway, the Haivision Media Platform, and the Azure cloud platform, companies extend live and on-demand video experiences to employees, partners, and customers around the globe without overwhelming their internal networks.

Broadcast Backhaul and Distribution

Using Haivision video encoders, decoders, and the Haivision Media Gateway, broadcasters can transport high- quality, live video between field and studio environments and cost-effectively backhaul video to centralized production venues and remote affiliates.

Flexible and Scalable Video Workflows

By leveraging Haivision Media Gateway on Azure, video workflows are more efficient and flexible and provide instant, on-demand access. Global organizations can quickly scale distribution to multiple locations regardless of geographic distance.

Save on Cost and Bandwidth

Haivision video streaming in the cloud saves time and money compared to traditional methods of video transport like satellite. Organizations can avoid the challenges of satellite by leveraging Azure to transport and replicate video streams for distribution to remote locations.

“Haivision’s hybrid cloud video solutions give us the flexibility to send video to our global sales team so they can showcase our products in real time.”

Steven WittwerManager, Technical Services, Hiperwall

Haivision Media Gateway Features

Powered by SRT

The Haivision Media Gateway is powered by SRT (Secure Reliable Transport). SRT optimizes live video transport across unpredictable networks, like the Internet, by assuring quality-of-service when faced with packet loss, jitter, latency, and fluctuating bandwidth. The Haivision Media Gateway and SRT utilize the Internet as a means to bridge facilities for live video transport, offering significant operational flexibility and cost savings over, or compared to, satellite or custom network infrastructures.

Stream Conversion

The Haivision Media Gateway converts streams to/from SRT and standard MPEG Transport Stream (TS), TS for video distribution within a LAN and SRT for secure, low latency, HD video transport over WAN.

SRT Stream Aggregation and Replication

Whether harvesting live video content from multiple remote production venues for live backhaul, or distributing a live all hands meeting to offices in New York, London and San-Francisco, the Haivision Media Gateway’s unique ability to aggregate and replicate SRT streams allows organizations to transport secure, low latency, HD video over virtually any network.

Stream Management

The Haivision Media Gateway allows administrators to easily establish, manage and monitor streaming routes based on configured sources and destinations – providing organizations with the tools to support a continuously changing environment.