Anevia Flamingo Datasheet

Anevia Flamingo for Haivsion Media Platform

The Anevia Flamingo is a flexible modular DVB TV gateway for use with the Haivision Media Platform (HMP).

In this datasheet, learn how the integration of Anevia’s Flamingo advanced DVB to IP gateway technology into HMP enables:

  • Seamless DVB to IPTV: Bring satellite and IPTV channels into HMP without re-encoding
  • Customizable Channel Lineups: Select and update channel lineups for HMP
  • Modular Configuration Options: 4 or 11 slots for 2, 4 or 8 satellite, cable or terrestrial tuners per blade – up to 88 tuners in a 3RU form factor
  • Secure Ingest and Distribution: Keep encrypted channels scrambled with HMP to adhere to security requirements