Apr 24, 2017
Austin, TX
Apr 17, 2017
Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, or Montreal, QC
Apr 17, 2017
Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, or Montreal, QC
Apr 17, 2017
Portland, OR, Chicago, IL, or Montreal, QC
Apr 16, 2017
Montreal, QC (Canada)
Mar 9, 2017
Greater Bay Area, United States

"Intense. Focused. Fun” 
Phil Gauthier, Atlanta
“There are always new technical challenges to solve and new things to learn.”
Dan Epstein, Chicago

Top Reasons to Work at Haivision

Streaming Video is Growing, Growing, Growing
The trends are all pointing in the same direction - video is the “new document” and the consumption of streaming video is on the rise.  Haivision is at the forefront of developing streaming video technology that fits within the entire IP video lifecycle - from the contribution of video to the recording and management of media assets, through to the publication and distribution of video content to audiences, regardless of location or viewing device.
Change the World, One Video at a Time
Be a part of building great video technology that helps change the world, one video at a time.  We build the tools, but our customers are the real superstars who use our technology to bring remote people together, transfer their knowledge, make split second decisions and in some cases, help save lives. 
Work Hard, Play Hard
It all starts with passion. You have to love what you do to create greatness. At Haivision, you get to work with a passionate, smart, energetic and fun group of people who bond by creating great ideas, nurturing a strong team spirit and bringing sense of humour to it all to get through the day.
Be Yourself
We realize the best ideas don’t always happen between 9am and 5pm and many of our best ideas and meetings can happen outside of work hours. As long as you continue to collaborate with teams and deliver on your projects, we offer flexible hours.  We also offer a casual dress code since we’re not big on the fancy power suits.

At Haivison, you’re not just joining a company, you’re joining a family. It’s not uncommon to find a freshly made cappuccino waiting on your desk as you walk into the office. More importantly, you know that you’re a part of something that means more than the last report you generated, you’re part of a group that wants to make difference. Your only limits are those you impose onto yourself! 




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