Q: What is the Haivision Customer Engineering Center?

The Customer Engineering Center (CEC) provides around-the-clock, reliable technical support services to customers, partners, resellers and distributors, all over the world. Technical support may be obtained via telephone or online via eService at https://support.haivision.com, the main Haivision Service and Support website (a login is required to access specialized information).

Q: How do I obtain help from Haivision CEC services?

Access to the eService Support Portal is available to registered users at https://support.haivision.com. Telephone access to Haivision CEC is available to customers, partners, resellers, and distributors with Haivision maintenance programs. We ask that you provide a maintenance plan number when you call.

Q: What is Haivision's warranty policy for software?

Software purchases are covered for 1 year from the date of shipment.

Q: What is Haivision's warranty policy for hardware?

Hardware purchases are covered for 1 year from the date of shipment. Minor firmware updates are included as part of the hardware warranty.

Q: What if we receive equipment that was damaged during shipping?

Hardware is covered for 90 days from the date of shipment with advanced replacement for products that are damaged during shipping (DDS). After 90 days, the hardware is eligible for return to factory (RTF) service for the duration of the warranty period. Repair is forty-five (45) days from the date of receipt at a Haivision repair facility.

Q: How is equipment DDS handled?

For products received by you that are "damaged during shipping" (DDS), we require that you do the following:

(1) notify seller within the DDS period that the product is DDS (including a description of the circumstance thereof )

(2) request and complete an RMA form

(3) upon receipt of RMA approval confirmation, return the DDS product to seller within thirty (30) days of reporting the DDS. After an RMA number is created, and based on availability, seller will endeavor to ship the replacement product from sellerʼs nearest location within one business day following validation that the product is DDS, provided that the completed RMA request form is received by 1:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Q: How does Haivision prioritize support cases?

Haivision requests that customers provide the priority of every case reported. For your convenience,

Haivision has established the following definitions to help you determine your problem priorities:

• EMERGENCY: Production environment is down, resulting in critical impact on business operations with no workaround available.

• HIGH: Portion or segment of the production environment is down, or there is intermittent loss of connectivity or data.

• MEDIUM: Quality of the environment is inconsistent, no loss of connectivity or data. Appropriate for requesting system upgrades.

• LOW: Need information or assistance on product feature/functionality, configuration, or installation.

Q: How can I track the progress on my case?

Haivision customers with a maintenance plan can track the progress of their case through e-Service, the Haivision Service and Support website. If you are a customer who has a maintenance program and contact and do not have an e-Service login, you can register on-line at http://www.haivision.com/login_form. If you have forgotten your password, please select ʻRecover Passwordʼ from the Support Portal login page. Your information will be send to the email registered to your account.

Q: Can I get support from Haivision CEC if I donʼt have a maintenance plan?

Yes, the Haivision CEC will help you if you donʼt have a Haivision maintenance plan but we charge a “per incident” fee for cases beyond the 90 day DDS period of your warranty. You can obtain pricing information on “per incident” cases when you call any of our worldwide CEC centers. If you decide at

the time of your per-incident call that you would like to purchase a Haivision maintenance program, then that per-incident fee will be applied to your maintenance program fee if received within 30 days of incident.

Q: Do maintenance programs include professional and field services?

No, professional and field services are not covered in the maintenance programs. Professional and field services such as on site support and advanced engineering services are separate, purchasable services. For more information, please contact our Professional Services team at sales@haivision.com.

Q: What is the CEC process for Haivision Service and Support?

1. Call comes into the Haivision Welcome Center. Customer must provide serial number of unit to be serviced as well a maintenance plan number.

2. Welcome center immediately verifies product warranty and/or maintenance plan entitlement.

3. A service request is opened and technical support is provided.

4. If the customer does not have a warranty and/or maintenance plan, the Welcome Center Support Specialist provides the customer with the following option: Purchase a Haivision Support Maintenance Program - transfers call to the Inside Sales Service Representative to discuss service offerings. If a sales representative is not available, the call will be transferred to the Service Sales voice mail box or provide the caller with the Service Sales email address at sales@haivision.com. Upon the receipt of a purchase order (PO), the Sales Representative sends confirmation of the PO receipt email to the customer and provides authorization to call CEC and open case. Technical assistance can be delayed until a PO is received.

Q: How will I become aware of new software releases if I am a supported Haivision customer?

Registered users can opt to be notified of new software and firmware releases by email. New releases are also announced through product bulletins posted on the Haivision Service and Support website.

Q: How do I purchase software upgrades if I donʼt have a support maintenance plan?

You can purchase software upgrades through your local Haivision account manager or send an email to sales@haivision.com

Q: What types of training resources does Haivision Service and Support offer?

Haivision provides several training and certification courses that are designed to give you the optimum learning experience. For more information, please contact Haivision for information on our Educational Services.

Q: Whom can I contact for more information?

Contact the Haivision Inside Sales team at (514) 334-5445 or send an email with your inquiry to sales@haivision.com.