As part of the Haivision commitment to continue to innovate and develop new technologies, Haivision will continue to introduce new products, services, product enhancements and other offerings. This process inevitably results in discontinuing older products and services. 

Haivision is committed to making the transition from such products to new offerings as simple as possible. Haivision recognizes that end-of-life notifications often prompt companies to review the way in which such end-of-sale and end-of-life notifications can impact the solutions they offer.  Consequently Haivision has developed this End-of-life policy to help our customers migrate to alternative Haivision platforms and better transition their solutions.

When a product reaches its end of life (EOL), Haivision will inform customers regarding important milestones, including the initial EOL notification, Last Order Date (LOD), and End-of-Support (EOS) milestone dates, as described herein.

Customers may continue to purchase products up until the announced LOD. Haivision will provide technical support and service for products up until the announced EOS date.

Haivision normally provides EOL notification to our customers for discontinued products at least 90 days prior to the LOD.   Customers can receive EOL notifications by checking this posting on the Haivision support portal.

The End of Life Policy only applies to End of Life and End of Support notifications made on or after December 30, 2007 for all Haivision product lines. The Policy does not apply to product that is already subject to an End of Life and/or End of Support announcement

Hardware EOL and EOS Policy

Haivision provides support for standard hardware systems for up to two (2) years from the date the products are discontinued.  For products with EOL notifications prior to December 30, 2007, the EOS milestones may vary.  

Typically the price list will identify all products being discontinued for 90 days prior to LOD, and at LOD discontinued products are removed from the price list and are no longer available for purchase.

Support for discontinued products is provided only to customers who purchased a support contract prior to the removal of the product and services from the Haivision price list or who converted their standard warranty coverage to a maintenance contract prior to expiration of the standard warranty.

Note: Only products that are covered by a current Haivision maintenance contract are eligible for renewal.

Replacement units provided during the EOS period may not be identical to systems purchased prior to product discontinuation.  It is possible that replacement units may require customers to implement network changes (such as reconfiguration, software updates, and hardware upgrades) and may affect service pricing when the maintenance contract is renewed.

Haivision reserves the right to charge an additional fee for continued support of any discontinued products.  Haivision also reserves the right to reduce or amend support offerings available for renewal under this policy at any time and at its sole discretion, with or without notice.

Software EOL and EOS Policy

Effective December 30, 2007, all Haivision software releases are supported for up to eighteen (18) months or two (2) subsequent major releases of such software, whichever occurs first.   A major software release is defined as a “dot” release which is in the X.X format, such as 4.3 or 5.5.  A minor or maintenance release is designated with the X.X.x format, such as 4.3.1 or 5.5.1.

Please note that Haivision will not be obligated to provide bug fixes, new features, or enhancements to software that has reached the EOS date.

Product End of Life Announcements:

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Product End of Service Announcements:

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