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Our Support team is made up of a group of dedicated professionals who share a passion for Haivision’s products and our goal is to ensure we provide a great customer experience. In addition to the product expertise expected of any support organization, the Support team is available to quickly assist and guide our customers if and when system challenges present themselves. Practical solutions are devised drawing upon the team’s expert production, audio-visual, IP networking, and satellite communication experience, so practical solutions are quickly and efficiently designed.


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Technical Support

Haivision Server Location Change For Electronic Program Guide - New Configurations Required      
This notice serves to advise you that Haivision will be migrating the location of our Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data servers. This notice is only for customers that are using an outbound IP-based firewall rule on their network to limit the Furnace server’s web access. 
To avoid any EPG service interruptions during this migration process, your outbound IP-based firewall rules will need to be updated by September 12, 2013 to allow Furnace to continue to access Haivision’s EPG data server. Please note that it is not necessary to make any configuration changes to the Furnace itself, but only to your outbound IP-based firewall rules.  
You will need to configure your firewall to allow Furnace to access the new server address. Please contact Haivision Technical Support for the new IP address to your outbound firewall whitelist.       
Please continue to keep the current settings  in your firewall’s white list as well. You can find more information about changes to our EPG Service
Should you have any questions about this change or need assistance, please contact our Haivision support team at

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