From The Source To Your Screen

Extend your video content to viewers globally while minimizing the challenges associated with deployments from disparate technology vendors. With expertise in on-premise and Internet-based video delivery, Haivision’s portfolio of products and services simplify your video workflow so you can stream high quality video content quickly and easily - from the source to the screen.

Simplify Your Life

As your video communications expand, workflow automation is critical so you can focus on what matters most - creating great content. The Haivision Video Cloud provides a flexible video content management system that addresses the entire media lifecycle - from automated ingest, workflow configuration, encoding, publishing and analytics. Increase the efficiency of your video workflows with a unified solution, without having to stitch together solutions from multiple vendors.

Live Transcoding

For the most efficient and high quality delivery of your live video content to viewers on all devices, live transcoding can be a part of your video delivery process when bandwidth is constrained. The KulaByte software-based transcoder is designed for streaming live events and broadcast channels over the Internet for delivery to desktops, mobile devices and set-top boxes.

Customizable Workflows

Haivision’s Internet streaming solutions can easily be adapted to your existing workflow rather than having to change how you work to suit the solution. With open APIs on a robust service-oriented architecture, the Haivision Video Cloud can be easily adapted to your specific requirements so you can focus on what matters most - video content creation.

Content Storage & Delivery

Reliable content delivery networks are critical to ensuring your audience gets the fastest, highest quality media experience. For storage and/or transport of your video streams, the Akamai network is seamlessly integrated within the Haivision Video Cloud service or to our KulaByte customers. With Akamai, your media is being served by a reliable industry-leading content delivery network (CDN).

Exceptional Account Management

Haivision provides extensive account management support and onboarding to ensure your Haivision Video Cloud implementation is fully suited to your video workflow needs. When streaming live events, the show must absolutely go on, and the Haivision Internet Media Services team brings extensive expertise and provides exceptional support so your live events can go on without a hitch.

Internet Streaming Products

Haivision Video Cloud

Video content manager connecting your audiences to live and on demand HD video wherever they are, on any device.

KB Encoder / Transcoder

H.264, HEVC and 4K encoder and transcoder for Internet streaming.

Case Studies

International House of Prayer

International House of Prayer Builds Powerful Internet Streaming Ministry with the Haivision Video Cloud
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