Simple & Powerful

Transform messaging into infectious rich media communications that inform, instruct and inspire. Combine dynamic digital signage with live HD video throughout your organization. Haivision is unique in bringing together central management and control of IPTV and dynamic digital signage with the CoolSign digital signage platform and the Furnace IP video system.

Dynamic Communications

Capture your audience with dynamic communications that include sources such as newsfeeds, social media, call center stats, and internal systems to where it’s needed, anywhere on your network. All data can be monitored, updated, scheduled and distributed throughout your network for quick data-driven decision-making and real-time audience engagement.

Simple To Use

With powerful administrative tools, the CoolSign digital signage platform is designed to make planning, scheduling, distributing and monitoring media a simple and repeatable process. Manage and control your content from an array of devices including desktops and mobile devices.

Content Management

Customize individual workflows, content rights and permissions for different users with CoolSign’s role-based content control and access functionality. A simplified web-based content management interface extends individual screen content control to specific front line users, minimizing reliance on signage administrators.

Secure Content Distribution

Bring your communications to life with live broadcast content. With Haivision's Furnace IPTV system, CoolSign can directly incorporate live broadcast content without breaking provider content rules. CoolSign is unique in supporting encrypted multicast video.

Network Scalability

CoolSign is a scalable system designed to accommodate any network topology. An nTier architecture gives you the flexibility you need to design your network solution for maximum distribution efficiency - equally powerful for driving signage across a facility or around the world.

Digital Signage Products


CoolSign is an enterprise-grade digital signage system, offering reliability & scalability with advanced content management, scheduling and powerful dynamic data capabilities.

CoolSign Display Engine

The CoolSign Display Engine is a high performance HD digital signage player uniquely designed for the CoolSign digital signage system.


Haivision IPTV | Furnace provides a complete ecosystem to deliver broadcast channels and internal content to every desktop, monitor and screen throughout your organization.

Case Studies


DSI Enhances Enterprise Collaboration Worldwide with Integrated Digital Signage and Live IP Video


Musimundo Uses CoolSign Digital Signage to Connect Stores and Engage Shoppers

Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank uses CoolSign Digital Signage to Drive Marketing Messages Throughout its Multiple Branches
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