Connect With Your Employees

Fortune 1000 and mid-sized companies rely on Haivision video streaming and media management solutions to support their businesses. Whether you need to stream your all hands meeting to employees across multiple facilities, deliver corporate messages with digital signage, or showcase your latest product launches to customers worldwide, Haivision’s portfolio of video solutions help enterprises connect with their internal and external audiences, wherever they may be.

Corporate Live Event Streaming

Your CEO expects the highest quality stream for your next all hands meeting. Ensure you can deliver that pristine viewing experience securely to every employee on all screens without overwhelming your network. With flexible hybrid cloud deployment and multiple video delivery options, Haivision’s Enterprise Video Platform lets you easily broadcast cannot-fail live events, like all hands meetings, town halls and CEO addresses, as well as share corporate communication, HR and training videos.

Integrated HD Video & Digital Signage

With email fatigue, you need to catch employees where they will pay attention the most. Digital signage with corporate messaging and live TV can engage and inform employees across lobbies, conference rooms, public areas and on desktops.

Content Security

Proprietary information and confidentiality can be of utmost importance in the distribution of video communications. With rich experience in medical and federal environments, which require the highest security standards, Haivision's enterprise video solutions give our customers the confidence that their content is protected from contribution to distribution. Haivision solutions feature end-to-end encryption, customizable authentication, Active Directory and LDAP support to ensure that you can control viewership and assign access control to specific internal audiences.

Internet Streaming

Compelling video is a powerful marketing tool. An expanding video content library signals the need for an efficient video workflow. Getting your video onto the network, managing media assets, publishing your content to multiple sites and distributing video to multiple devices for a flawless viewing experience can be time consuming.

Corporate Communications Products

Haivision Media Platform Enterprise Edition

Broadcast and record all hands, town halls and internal live events across multiple locations

Haivision Media Platform Site Edition

Distribute IPTV and live corporate content to all screens in your facility

Haivision Media Platform Workgroup Edition

Powerful media recording, management and distribution solution designed for research teams

Case Studies

British Petroleum

BP Uses Haivision to Deliver Live HD Video to Desktops and Displays on the Trading Floor


$20B Pharmaceutical Company Improves Internal Communications with IPTV and Digital Signage


Musimundo Uses CoolSign Digital Signage to Connect Stores and Engage Shoppers
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