Please visit this page regularly to obtain the latest information relate to potential security vulnerabilities on your systems.

Nothing currently critical


Below is information on previously discovered security vulnerabilities.

Shellshock-BASH vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169  Finalized: October 2014

Heartbleed vulnerability CVE-2014-0160  Finalized: April 2014

NTP vulnerability  CVE-2014-9295  Finalized: May 2015

New OpenSSL vulnerabilities   Finalized: April, 2015

GHOST vulnerability (Glibc)  CVE-2015-0235  Finalized: April, 2015  

Dirty Cow vulnerability CVE-2016-5195     Finalized: February 2016

Wanna-cry vulnerability MS17-10  Last update: 18 May 2017