Secure Video Delivery System

The Furnace™ IP video system provides a complete infrastructure for delivering secure video to every desktop, display, and mobile device within an organization with its patented “zero install” InStream player, featuring LMS integration, VOD capabilities, and sophisticated administrator control tools. With fine-grained control of all viewers and displays, Furnace is ideal for managing and distributing enterprise video securely, establishing HD digital signage throughout a facility, providing on-demand material, and capturing, organizing, and reviewing events and digital assets.


Furnace provides an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy platform uniting media streams from the encoder through to the viewing device and is unique in providing AES encryption over multicast. With Furnace’s Command and Control module, administrators have full control over all InStream desktop players and Stingray set-top boxes and can set or modify each viewer’s experience either “on-the-fly” or based on a preset schedule.

Performance Media Players

Viewing live and recorded channels as well as on-demand content on the desktop is provided through the patented “zero install” InStream™ media player, and to fixed monitors and displays through the Stingray™ set-top box. Furnace delivers multi-stream media through the InStream Furnace player, a fully secure “software-on-demand” player available freely to all users. InStream is browser-independent and requires no installation, ensuring the lowest IT support. The player supports Forward Error Correction (FEC) for high performance on unreliable networks, features a full electronic program guide (EPG), centralized player management, as well as powerful multi-stream monitoring and review tools.

LMS Integration

Widely deployed throughout schools and universities, Furnace integrates seamlessly with Learning Management Systems (LMS), enabling students and instructors to access live and on-demand video content as a supplement to their coursework.

The Moodle™ Plug-in for Furnace allows institutions to integrate their live channel and video demand offerings into the CMS. The Blackboard Extension for Furnace allows institutions to incorporate their live channels and video-on-demand into their Blackboard LMS.

Both the Blackboard® Extension and Moodle™ Plug-in give Furnace users LMS access to content stored on the Furnace server. Additionally, metadata tags allow content to be classified by search terms and Furnace assets tagged with the course name can automatically appear as a link in the course.

Deliver real-time HD video and digital signage information to desktops and displays throughout your facilities with complete administrative control to enhance employee communications and customer engagement.

Technical Specifications

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