Time-Shifted HD Streaming for Multi-Site Worship

Haivision Connect DVR is a comprehensive solution that connects multi-site ministries with time-shifted video playback to ensure the inspirational experience of your main campus is shared with consistency at remote or temporary locations. Using low-cost Internet connections, this end-to-end solution includes everything from the source encoder and cloud distribution service, to the dedicated playout appliances.

End-to-End Simplicity

Haivision Connect DVR simplifies how you deliver high-quality single or dual-stream video to remote venues. This end-to-end solution brings together all the components you need, integrating Haivision’s high-quality KB encoder, the cloud-based Haivision Connect DVR recording and distribution service, and the compact and powerful Display Engine DVR remote appliances. Both the central administrator and each remote production assistant have easy-to-use controls for source streaming/recording, preview and remote playout operations.

Highest Quality over Public Internet

By using low-cost internet connections, Haivision Connect DVR service saves you time and reduces the costs and complexity of your workflow, without sacrificing quality. With the KB encoder, Haivision Connect DVR delivers the highest quality Internet streaming. Administrators can choose to apply advanced streaming techniques such as Dynamic Stream Shaping (DSS) to maximize the availability of outbound bandwidth or Multiple Bit Rate (MBR) streaming to reach remote sites with different bandwidth capacities. The Connect DVR cloud service captures these streams and makes them available to all of the remote sites independently and on demand within seconds. The remote production staff can then select between streams, cue them up, and play them on demand, according to the pace of their local service.

Complete Control, with Flexibility

Haivision Connect DVR gives campuses the control and flexibility to keep their own pace and play the main campus message at the right time during their service. With user-friendly control interfaces for the source location (start/stop streaming and recording) and for each remote location (stream select, cue, start, stop), and auxiliary preview players, all parties can coordinate the multi-site experience. Advanced features allow even non-technical users to preserve the complete center camera/IMAG experience at the remote facility with synchronized dual stream capability. You can also set up the system to accommodate redundant stream paths and multi-bitrate streaming.

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Haivision's live Internet and DVR services allow multi-site faith organizations to bring together remote congregations, allowing live interactive or time-delayed sharing of the worship experience.
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