HEVC Solutions

Haivision has embraced the next generation of MPEG video compression, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC / H.265). Built within Haivision’s Kraken transcoder platform and designed for video backhaul contribution, Haivision’s HEVC solutions provide increased resolution capabilities and more efficient video compression over the most constrained networks.


With over a decade of experience in transporting video over any network, Haivision prides itself in being at the forefront of revolutionary video technologies. Since the introduction of HEVC / H.265 and its promise of twice the video compression compared to H.264 (maintaining the same picture quality), Haivision has worked to embed the efficiencies of HEVC / H.265 into its solutions, providing customers with cutting edge technology for video backhaul.

The Workflow

Kraken HEVC transcoding allows you to deliver substantially increased video quality over satellite and other constrained networks (typically in the 1 Mbps to 3 Mbps bandwidth range). Kraken receives high bitrate H.264 streams, which it then converts to HEVC for transport, and reconverts from HEVC to H.264 for onward distribution through less constrained ecosystems. Kraken HEVC transcoding reduces up to 50% of bandwidth compared to H.264 while maintaining high picture quality.

Kraken and HEVC

Kraken HEVC maximizes satellite and other constrained network uplinks for full HD video. Featuring less than 0.5 seconds of latency and optimized for 720p/1080p applications, the Kraken HEVC transcoder is available on a compact server appliance designed for power and space constrained applications such as satellite trucks.

HEVC Encoder White Paper

Many organizations are considering HEVC when building specifications for video backhaul projects. Relatively new, HEVC is still not fully understood by the market.

Haivision has created this white paper to share a high level explanation of HEVC and illustrate which workflows benefit most from this new standard. Get the white paper here.

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