Workgroup Edition

Haivision Video Platform (Calypso) Workgroup Edition provides a powerful and scalable media recording, management and distribution solution designed to capture and share video content in real-time for mission-critical decision making and post-event contextual review. The Haivision Video Platform is deployed in enterprise, medical, education, government and military environments for assessment, training and research.

Multi-Source Video Recording

The Haivision Video Platform can capture up to 50 HD sources simultaneously. Users can monitor sessions with a low latency multi-view interface, choose to record any or all of the contributing streams, assign metadata to sessions, sources, or events in real-time, and elect to share sessions or remove viewing privileges at any time. Once captured as an asset, sessions can be made available to specific audiences as full resolution multi-stream video-on-demand.

Monitor & Share Real-Time Events

The Haivision Video Platform puts the power of real-time content sharing into the hands of those responsible for monitoring the events. Users can quickly identify sources, associate them together into contextual sessions, and immediately share the multi-view high resolution session with the intended audience. Users can share video content with off premise viewers by exporting videos directly to the Haivision Video Cloud to easily manage, publish and distribute content online.

Real-Time Access Control

The Haivision Video Platform features fully customizable roles and permissions to support secure, site specific workflows. Administrators can share live and on-demand content instantly by creating different roles, rights and permissions for users, allowing them to share, contribute to and view specific content.

Extensive Metadata Capabilities

Advanced assessment is based on understanding aggregated information sources – multiple points of view sourced from different cameras, computers, and other data-driven content systems. The Haivision Video Platform’s multi-source capabilities combined with real-time metadata tools give users the capacity to tag, search and discover – revealing the true context of complex events.

When conducting a usability test or focus group, multiple stakeholders throughout an organization are involved. Companies need a better way to share the live and recorded sessions with executives and other key personnel throughout their facilities for later review, ensuring that the right audience gets direct input on how real users are using their products.
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