Performance Communications

With low latency video compression for IP transport, the Piranha™ codec incorporates full support for combined metadata applications such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance), UAV (Unmanned Airborne Vehicle), and KLV (Key-Length-Value) systems. The metadata is incorporated within the MPEG-2 transport stream assuring timecode accuracy. The Piranha features performance, reliability, and flexibility with extremely low end-to-end latency and advanced networking features such as logical multicast and traffic shaping.

ISR Workhorse

Designed for ISR mission deployments, the Piranha system relays video feeds delivered by unmanned airborne vehicles and other data rich camera systems. Based on Haivision’s telecom-grade architecture, the Piranha delivers deterministic performance over long periods of time and can be tuned to deliver low latency video over a wide spectrum of network capabilities.

KLV & Closed Caption

The Piranha supports both KLV data via a serial port and line 21 closed caption data from the video signal with H.264 video compression and video frame time stamping.

Power & Flexibility

The Piranha supports H.264 encoding of standard definition video in either analog format (composite/s-video) or digital format (SDI). The encoding resolution (Full-D1 or Half-D1), the video bitrate (150kbps to 5Mbps), and the frame rate (3 to 30 frames per second) are all independently adjustable to assure the optimal video quality for any bandwidth requirements. Encoding adjustments are “on-the-fly” and take effect immediately. The Piranha is available as a single encoder/decoder in a 1RU configuration or as a 5 encoder/decoder blades in a 3RU configuration.

See How Our Products Are Used

Haivision is unique in combining industry-leading performance with our hardware video encoders, software-based transcoding engines, and ultra low latency decoding platforms to deliver glass-to-glass video and related metadata from any sensor to any operator or decision maker.

Technical Specifications

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