Live Event Streaming

Available as a small form factor portable appliance, on-premise server or 4K appliance, the award-winning KB Series of H.264 & HEVC Internet Media Encoders and Transcoders provides you with multiple options for live event streaming, helping you deliver the highest quality live video to your global Internet audience.

Best viewing experience on every device

Give your Internet audience the best viewing experience regardless of their geographic location, network conditions or preferred device. With the software-based KB transcoder, you can deploy on-premise or in the cloud and encode/transcode video up to 1080p to distribute as a cascade of adaptive bitrate RTMP/HLS/MPEG-DASH streams across the world’s largest CDNs, giving you the highest quality per bit.

Save on uplink bandwidth

When your Internet connection at the source isn’t very reliable, and bandwidth is limited, simply send your video streams to a transcoder in the cloud to take care of adaptive bitrate (ABR) distribution. With support for HEVC and Haivision’s SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) technology, the KB Series uses up to 50% less bandwidth than H.264, and makes low-cost, readily available public Internet connections secure and reliable for live video transport from the source to the cloud, getting the most out of your available uplink bandwidth.

KB Mini: Small form factor, big power

The award-winning KB Mini Encoder/Transcoder, named the Best Portable Live Streaming Appliance, is a portable all-in-one H.264/HEVC encoder, ideal for live event streaming from anywhere with an internet connection. It optimizes bandwidth usage without sacrificing a high-quality viewing experience. Leveraging Intel CPU and GPU hybrid processing, the KB Mini gives you big power in a small form factor appliance.

Live Video for Workplace by Facebook

The KB Mini helps Workplace users get the most out of their Workplace by making it easy to securely and reliably live stream meetings and presentations to all Workplace colleagues, wherever they may be located. Just plug in the live video feed, connect to the internet, and start streaming!

KB 4K: Powering 4K Experiences

The KB 4K Encoder/Transcoder features hardware accelerated HEVC encoding to fuel the highest quality streaming events, supporting up to 4K H.264/HEVC viewing. Ideal for streaming 360-degree virtual reality experiences, the KB 4K powers high profile events like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The CMA Awards. View the KB 4K datasheet for more information. 

KB Server: Enterprise-grade streaming

A rackmountable server, the KB Encoder/Transcoder Server features redundant power supplies, RAID configurations and supports multiple channels. The KB Encoder/Transcoder Server is ideal for enterprise-grade internet streaming and fits within your existing enterprise infrastructure.

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Haivision's live Internet and DVR services allow multi-site faith organizations to bring together remote congregations, allowing live interactive or time-delayed sharing of the worship experience.
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