Power & Performance

The CoolSign Display Engine™ is a powerful, compact player that is fully integrated with the CoolSign digital signage system so you can deliver high definition digital signage content throughout your facility.

Advanced Features

The CoolSign Display Engine supports CoolSign’s DataWatcher™ for dynamic data-driven content, player-level scheduling, up to 8 regions, central management, tickers and full motion 1080p60 video playout. The player also supports live streaming, multicast streams and file distribution, as well as multiple display outputs.

Secure Video

To deliver live video securely within your digital signage network, the CoolSign Display Engine integrates with the Furnace™ IP video system. The Furnace HD video streams are encrypted and cannot be copied, adhering to the copyright requirements of your content providers. Viewership is completely controlled by the Furnace system so facilities and campuses can adhere to content restrictions and include broadcast content confidently within their signage deployment.

Powerful Graphics

The CoolSign Display Engine provides superior quality playback of graphics, overlays, and video content. Transitions are seamless with full crossfade capabilities. CoolSign supports sophisticated multi-layer compositing directly at the player level with independent control of all elements. Tickers play at 60 frames per second (fps) full motion with no stuttering.

Hedge funds, brokerage houses, banks and commodity trading firms have successfully deployed video systems to bring live video content, including broadcast channels, analyst briefings and IPO updates to traders’ desktops – making it easier for them to gather information, analyze the market, and complement data analysis and valuation.
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