Secure High Performance HD Video

The Stingray™ set-top box (STB) is a compact appliance that delivers secure HD content to displays for Haivision’s Furnace™ IP video systems. Easy to install, the Stingray set-top box includes central control, VoD with metadata, and desktop synchronization.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

The Stingray is a dedicated hardware platform that supports the same patented InStream “zero footprint” player that is available to desktops, laptops and mobile devices on all Furnace systems. The Stingray communicates directly with the Furnace Portal Manager assuring the video available is in line with any conditional access rights assigned, the guide data is updated regularly, and any video access is logged into an extensive reporting system.

Central Control

All Stingrays deployed on a Furnace network can be controlled individually or in groups, either on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis. A group of Stingrays can be set to a particular channel for controlled HD signage, controlled locally by viewers using an IR remote or they can be set to pre-established channels based on a fixed schedule. The Stingray also enables messaging with scrolling text overlays that can be scheduled, triggered ad-hoc, or even integrated with an Emergency Messaging System (EMS).

Rich User Interface

The Stingray provides a complete user interface for selecting live or playback channels with real-time electronic program guide (EPG) updates and viewing of VOD assets with HotMarks™ metadata. The Stingray can output up to 1920x1080 resolution and directly supports HDMI, component and composite outputs.

Deliver real-time HD video and digital signage information to desktops and displays throughout your facilities with complete administrative control to enhance employee communications and customer engagement.

Technical Specifications

Name Category File type Size Date Modified
Stingray Datasheet Brochures & Datasheets appl... 360.6 KB May 20 2014

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