Secure Healthcare Video

Healthcare organizations rely on efficient team efforts where every second counts and every detail is critical. Whether you need to stream live video remotely to support real-time collaboration and monitoring, or recording and reviewing procedures for continuing medical education, Haivision provides a portfolio of video solutions specifically tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. As a pioneer in developing high performance, low latency video encoding technology for telerobotic surgery, Haivision has deployed secure video solutions to healthcare facilities globally to enhance clinical collaboration, continuing medical education and healthcare communications.

Haivision’s portfolio of medical video solutions provide secure, high quality, low latency video ideally suited for real-time communications and monitoring to support remote consultation, record important procedures and enable the sharing of findings.


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Case Studies

Stony Brook University Hospital

Academic Hospital Streams and Records Live CT Scans with Haivision's Makito and Furnace System

Cardiovascular Foundation

The Cardiovascular Research Foundation Streams Over-The-Top with Haivision’s KulaByte and the Haivision Video Cloud

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

Furnace & Makito Give Secure, Live and Remote Access to Operating Rooms to Increase OR Efficiency and Patient Care