Connect Your Community

Expand your congregation, increase your outreach and bring your community together with high quality video. Engage and inspire your audience with streaming video so they feel connected to the ministry. Haivision’s products and services are tailored to meet the needs of the faith market, delivering reliable, high quality, low latency video as well as exceptional support for your live worship events. 

Adapted to Your Needs

Whether your community is 200 or 200,000, Haivision offers a range of scalable, easy-to-use video streaming solutions to deliver highly interactive and engaging visual experiences. Regardless of location, network or device, Haivision systems give you the power and reliability to extend your ministry to any connected device. Haivision’s flexible video systems can be adapted to suit your specific workflow requirements.

Shared Experiences

Ministry sermons, performances and teachings can be easily shared with your remote campuses either with live or DVR time-delayed multi-site video distribution. Maintain a common worship experience with the realism of the central venue, including stage presentations and IMAG screens for your remote audiences. Haivision systems provide low latency, exceptional video quality and real-time audio/video synchronization to preserve the continuity of remote worship services.

We Are There for You

Reliability is key for any streamed live event, but should any unforeseen challenges arise, Haivision services are deployed in multi-site faith organizations worldwide. With a dedicated team on standby for potential support needs during key time periods, such as weekends, weekday evenings and special religious holidays, Haivision understands that ministries require flexible support schedules.

See How Our Products Are Used

To extend your ministry to viewers online, the Haivision Video Cloud gives congregations a fast, simplified, end-to-end solution by providing a reliable, automated ingest, transcoding and publishing platform for live and on-demand video with powerful analytics to monitor audience engagement and video performance.

Case Studies

Sugar Creek Baptist Church

Sugar Creek Connects Congregations with Live and on-demand HD Video Using Haivision DVR

International House of Prayer

International House of Prayer Builds Powerful Internet Streaming Ministry with the Haivision Video Cloud

Church of the Highlands

Church of Highlands Inspires Multi-Campus Congregations with DVR Video
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