Enriched Learning

With the onset of new communication channels and rapid technology adoption, learning has extended beyond the fixed traditional classroom environment into a rich media learning experience that can be accessed from anywhere. Whether capturing content for skills assessment, connecting remote classrooms, extending lectures to students on mobile devices or delivering IPTV & digital signage across campuses, Haivision provides IP video solutions designed to enrich the learning experience.

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With Haivision solutions, you can capture multi-source video sessions, tag important timeline events with metadata while recording, and share those events, live or on-demand, with specific users or groups for instruction or evaluation. Additionally, you can easily aggregate and extract important events to present your content based on predefined themes.


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Case Studies

Northwestern University

Haivision Furnace Powers IPTV and Content Sharing between international locations

Miami University

Enhances Education Experience with Haivision's Furnace IP Video Distribution System

University of Wisconsin

Research Institute Makes Lectures Available Anywhere on Campus Using Haivision’s Mako and Furnace System