Efficient Video Streaming

Producing live events is highly challenging. You need to keep your audience engaged with rich visuals, realism and compelling content – all in real-time so they don't miss a second. Haivision's portfolio of video products and services are uniquely designed to deliver top broadcasters and live event venues, like stadiums and arenas, with secure, low latency multi-stream HD video and exceptional bandwidth efficiency.

Have you considered broadcasting your all hands, town halls and other internal live events remotely? Download our White Paper here.


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Meet your audience’s demand for more content. Internet-based video backhaul offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative for studios that want to transport video using public Internet connections for on-air interviews, commentary, live events, and monitoring.


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Case Studies


Azzuro and Masergy Deliver Real-Time HD Collaboration Network with Haivision's Mako for NFL

Hearst Corporation

Hearst Brings Live HD Broadcast to Employees with Haivision's Makito and Furnace IP Video System

Miami Marlins

Haivision Makito HD Encoders Power Live Video Distribution Throughout Marlins Park