May 17, 2016

3 Reasons to Leave the Office and Live Stream from Anywhere

If you’re like us, the all hands meeting is big deal.

It’s a big investment in time, money, and resources. You want the video production to be flawless, so you’re more likely to stream these events from a controlled environment. While hosting a live company event in these spaces is great, we think there are a few reasons why you should consider taking the show on the road.

We created a new white paper - 3 Reasons to Leave the Office and Broadcast Your Next Event from Anywhere - so you can know why and how to stream from remote locations. Here's a sneak peak: 

Video is becoming one of the most popular trends in the enterprise. Heavily used for training and learning purposes, it’s now making its way to the top with live broadcasts of company townhalls, CEO addresses and all hands meetings. But did you know that more and more companies are broadcasting events from remote locations too? 
Many companies hold conferences, roadshows, trainings, as well as large executive meetings in remote offices and locations. But they don’t want the audience to be limited to these off-headquarters venues. Innovative companies are extending the reach of these events by streaming them throughout their organization using an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP), so employees can feel connected no matter where they take place. Streaming live events like all hands and townhalls is a big investment in time, money, and resources, so it’s no surprise that organizations want to stream these events from a controlled environment like a studio, conference room or auditorium. 
As someone who is regularly involved in live video events, I can tell you from experience that although the comfort of presenting in one of these controlled spaces is great, it’s not always how it plays out. Here are few reasons why your organization should consider making it possible to live stream and broadcast video messages from anywhere. 

1) Spread the love and engage everyone at your company  One of the fundamental benefits of streaming live events is that it provides remote offices and employees with a virtual face-to-face experience with executives at headquarters. Although video is amazing at making employees feel connected to headquarters, nothing compares to experiencing an event live in person, which is probably why companies like Apple, Microsoft and even Haivision make the effort to broadcast events from satellite offices... 

To read more, download the complete white paper and learn how you can broadcast your next live event and message from a remote location. It explores how Haivision’s Enterprise Video Platform makes it easier to stream secure and reliable internal live events from anywhere. Happy streaming! 

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