Electronic Program Guide Information

As a benefit to customers who deploy the Furnace IPTV platform, Haivision provides standard Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) services for approximately 400 of the world's most popular television channels. To see the list of supported channels, please click here.

Please take note of the EPG access policy effective November 1, 2014:

Existing Customers with Support Agreement:

  • For existing Furnace customers who are under our support program, there is little change to their current data plan for the channels they currently have.  Haivision will continue to offer a large selection of channels for both US and European clients. For channels that are not currently available, these may be made available at additional charge.  Note that as the cost of additional channels may vary depending on its location and availability, please contact us directly in order to obtain an accurate annual quote. Some channels may not be available.

Existing Customers without Support Agreement:

  • Existing customers with expired support agreements will have until November 1, 2014 to re-establish their support agreements. After November 1, 2014, EPG data access will require that a complete and current maintenance agreement is in place. If such an agreement is not in place at that time, then EPG access will be terminated.



For pricing or other questions about the EPG service, please contact Haivision at sales@haivision.com.