High Quality Video Transport
Jyske Bank Uses Haivision’s Makito X with SRT for Transcontinental Video Contribution Over the Internet

One of the largest banks in Denmark, Jyske Bank has a unique outlook on retail banking that embraces cutting edge technologies to create great customer experiences with their brand. To support this goal, Jyske Bank launched an Internet-based TV station, Jyske Bank TV, to deliver customers the latest financial news. To give European customers more exposure to the American financial markets, Jyske Bank TV broadcasts live from studios at NASDAQ MarketSite in New York’s Times Square. Jyske Bank needed to establish a 24/7 contribution video feed from New York to be delivered to their production center outside of Copenhagen using low cost Internet connections.

Jyske Bank Streams Enterprise Video Globally

How Haivision Helped

With a permanent broadcast reporter and film crew based at the NASDAQ creating hours of live breaking news content, Jyske Bank needed to find a cost effective way to get their video content from New York to its film studio in Denmark for distribution. Without relying on costly satellite networks, Jyske Bank needed to leverage the Internet to deliver this content. Jyske Bank tried using different solutions but the network proved to be too unstable and unreliable to transport high quality video.
Jyske Bank chose Haivision’s Makito X encoders with Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) to deliver live content over the Internet. With a single Makito X encoder at the NASDAQ studio and decoder in Denmark, Jyske Bank delivers a high quality, low latency feed over the Internet to Jyske Bank’s corporate production center. Leveraging Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage system, Jyske Bank TV is broadcast to more than 700 screens in 120 branch locations throughout Europe.
Using Haivision’s Makito X with SRT, Jyske Bank can detect network conditions in real time and realign the stream to deliver the highest quality video to its viewers. Jyske Bank incorporates their live feed from New York into their online channel and the content becomes an integral part of the customer experience at all their branches. By using Haivision for Internet video transport, Jyske Bank has deployed a low cost, end-to-end solution while maintaining the pristine quality of their video.
With Makito X and SRT, we’re streaming live HD video 24/7 from New York to Denmark using the Internet. The end result is a very cost effective solution with remarkable quality at low bitrates.
Steen Mertz, Director Communications Technology, Jyske Bank