24/7 Streaming Ministry
International House of Prayer Builds Powerful Internet Streaming Ministry with the Haivision Video Cloud

The International House of Prayer (IHOP) is an evangelical Christian mission organization that has a quickly expanding following. With many parishioners traveling long distances and some unable to join the sermons, IHOP decided to bridge the gap between the church and home by bringing services directly to remote viewers, using Haivision’s KulaByte encoders and the Haivision Video Cloud.

How Haivision Helped

As a central component of IHOP’s global ministry, the prayer room in Kansas City operates around the clock with 12 two-hour prayer meetings conducted every day. These meetings must be streamed live to the IHOP website, IHOP University (IHOPU) and other ministry locations with HD quality video in order for users to have the best experience possible. With online and remote services becoming an essential part of the ministry, IHOP requires a constant live stream that is consistent and highly reliable.
IHOP relies on Haivision’s KulaByte encoders and the Haivision Video Cloud for live streaming of its prayer services to its website, numerous other live ministry locations and broadcast centers. KulaByte provide extremely efficient compression of HD video to H.264 with bandwidth control to maximize quality for video delivery to Flash, HTTP, and broadcasts to remote locations. The Haivision Video Cloud provides a reliable, automated ingest, transcoding and publishing platform that gets IHOP's live and on-demand content to all connected devices, while providing powerful analytics to monitor and manage audience experience, engagement, and viewing quality.
With the Haivision Video Cloud, IHOP leverages advanced Internet streaming technologies connecting their multiple facilities, delivering broadcast feeds, and fueling Internet media portals spreading their message to the widest possible audience. With a 24/7 online streaming operation, IHOP receives more than 315,000 unique views each month in over 170 nations worldwide, broadcast 180 hours of content per week. Today, IHOPU can deliver diversified events with ease, expanding the breadth of media offered by IHOP and increasing connectivity.
Our online services are an essential part of our ministry... it’s essential that we choose encoding equipment with absolute, bullet-proof reliability. Haivision provides this reliability as well as top-notch quality, along with a superior Web interface.
Ari Burt, Head of Online Video